How I Can Create A Sunburst Wall Decor

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Sunburst wall decor a bedroom with a source of rays of the sun can be a whimsical way to add style to a space. You can make a canopy of sun rays to pass over your bed; you can convert the bed into a focal point of the room. The canopy is easy to build with a few basic tools and materials, and even beginners can be crafted to create a charming and unique piece with some techniques.

Draw a shape sunburst wall decor on a plywood board 2 by 2 meters. Most supply stores construction board cut of this size at no additional cost. Cut the shape Sunburst with a hand saw. Go through the newly cut edges with sandpaper, removing splinters or rough spots.

Paint the piece of wood with paint sunburst wall decor yellow or orange, and put it in a dry place to dry. Hang a piece of mosquito netting over the sunburst. Screw the bottom of a thread hooks together in the center sunburst so the metal ring sticking up on the top side of the sun and passes through the net and timber. Screw the top of the hook set in the roof above the bed is. Place handle metal plate sunbeams in the metal hook that is now in the ceiling.

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