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How To Calculate Angle Cuts For Underdeck Roofing

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Red Wood Underdeck Roofing

Underdeck roofing – A roof makes a deck more useful, providing protection from the sun and rain. Gable roofs can be a style that matches the roof of the house or a simple shed style with a unique slope. The inclined style is effective and easy to build. It usually has an exterior frame with a side next to the house and with beams.


The slope or degree of inclination is the most important element in the calculation of the beams. Which are often called beams on flat or low slope ceilings. The underdeck roofing joists perform the same function as the main joists or trusses accord- ing to a two-story roof. They are the frame for securing the roof deck and shingles or other overlays such as metal or vinyl panels.


The length of each beam is the second key element. This is the distance that each beam must support from the roof from one end of the deck to the other. In a covered roof, is the length between the connection of the house wall and the outer band of the underdeck roofing structure. Ceiling beams can be attached to the outer band in two ways. With metal stud hangers or triangular notches in the beams to fit over this support.

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