How To Care Pecan Hardwood Flooring

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Fantastic Pecan Hardwood Flooring

How To Care Pecan Hardwood Flooring – Pecan flooring chosen for its strength and rich hues. Pecan wood will come in two general types: pale brown sapwood and heartwood red brown, according to the website County floors. Both types of pecan wood floors require the same general care, which is important. Even less information flowing and waste management makes a big difference in the long run. The more often you clean and care for pecan floor, the longer the finish and wood during the last.
For caring pecan hardwood flooring do not rub, liquid spills immediately with a soft cloth. Clear up any specks of debris or soil with a soft cloth moistened with spray floor cleaner. Sweep, dry dust mop or vacuum the floor every day or as often as you notice the soil. Mop the floor once a week or as often as needed to clear debris from the floor. Spray a light coating of floor cleaner on the floor and then wipe with a dust mop.
Inspect high traffic areas of the floor every three months for caring pecan hardwood flooring. Dull areas not regain their luster after mopping may have had its finish worn off. Drop a drop of water on site. If it absorbs into the wood, the finish is gone. Wipe the floor with a finish restoring product for wooden floors. If possible, use a product of the floor manufacturer recommended.

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