How To Decorate A Bedroom With Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

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A-lily is a pattern of stylized flowers associated with the French monarchy. It decorated with the symbol of royal watching an ordinary room give the royal treatment. When decorating the room with a theme of fleur de lis wall decor, choose a scheme of black and white or in sophisticated neutral tones to complement it. Adopt a discreet approach and avoid a cluttered look while reinforcing room with intricate designs of the lily – some accents that go a long way.

Paint the walls of the room in a neutral tone, such as white, cream or dark gray, to compliment a decorating scheme of the lily. Add interest hanging a lily shaped edge directly below the ceiling black and white. Cover the bed with a white duvet or comforter with designs of fleur de lies black. Choose bedding with just a fleur de lis wall decor in the center, or several along the fabric.

Garnish with hardware fleur de lis wall decor-inspired. Update dresser, desk or bedside table drawer pulls replacing bored with wrought iron versions as lily. Hanging clothes, jackets and tunics wrought iron fleur de lies-inspired wall hooks. Improving the bedroom with accessories showcasing designs from the lily. Lamps illuminate the space offering flower-shaped base-de-list and coordinating wall sconces.

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