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How To Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets Righteously

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Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating above kitchen cabinets can add a touch of personality to some kitchen. However, before you start to decorate the above kitchen cabinets, you should think very carefully, what will you display on that cabinets. Sometimes, without any decorations, the above kitchen cabinets will look cleaner and it is great.

Well, it doesn’t mean if you are decorating above kitchen cabinets, then you can’t have a clean kitchen. First of all you should focus to put one item which is large and place it to the center of the above cabinets. Then, you can also add some objects that fits to your kitchen’s theme. They can be anything that are related by culture, color, or even geography. Make sure the height and texture are not similar.

Pick some warm colors items to serve the best kitchen. It will work so great if you have the African or Eastern influence. Candlesticks, large clock can also be put on the above kitchen cabinets. Since the top of cabinet is a favorite place of any collectors, so it is important for you to put any one of a kind things. It will look more beautiful if you choose one theme for all the things that will be put on the top of kitchen cabinets, for example flower. Then, collect some interesting things such as plate, watch, glass that have flowers on them.

However, if your kitchen cabinets have an above space under 2 inch, it is better for you to not put any decorations at all. It will only make your kitchen looks out of dates and it will do nothing but catch dust. So, once again, it is important for you to think about it very carefully. What will you put on the top in order to decorating above kitchen cabinets.

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