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How To Hang Louvered Interior Doors

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Type doors blinds or shutters have thin horizontal slats that allow the air and sunlight to filter through. Such architectural details door adds a space and a touch of old world charm. These doors come in many forms, including single, double folded and cabinet doors. Place the door panels type shutter on a flat surface with its upper and lower edges online. Install top hinge 7 inches from the top of the louvered interior doors and put in place with the screws provided with the kit.

Set the pivot plates, pins that fit into the support track and the ground at the top and bottom edges of the side door jamb. Secure locking mechanism at the top of the louvered interior doors on which you are installing the remote, or the front door.

Measure the width along the inner edge of the doorframe and cut a length of the runway as using a hacksaw. Slide the small stalls in the center of the track. Position brackets around track wheels and making stops pivot along the outer edge. Adjust the track with the hardware to hang at the top of the door and secure it in place with screws provided with the kit. Place the lane 1 inch from the edge of the top of the louvered interior doors.

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