How To Make Painting Stripes On Walls

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Best Painting Stripes On Walls

One needs not be an expert in interior decoration to give a new looks to your home. Just be creative, learn a little about the art and ready to do so today we will teach you how to make painting stripes on walls, you’ll see as the visitors of your home ask you to teach them how you managed that great work.
Painting stripes on walls have an average degree of difficulty but we must be clear that it is not difficult striping but rather to the tapes to achieve perfection in the layout.

Of course, if you ask your 3 year old son how to make painting stripes on walls, will explain insurance with crayons and the truth will not be quite right. Look at the following steps. Looking for a style. That is, visualize what you want in terms of lines. If you want wide, thin. Say you chose to strips 10 centimeters. Now choose a base color that goes in line. If you plan to paint the ceiling that should be the first step.

The next step is you measure the fringes between them and hit the edge of the tape measure. Paste the film very well to the edge of it sticking to the wall and paint not pass. When you have a wall covered with guides to paint it is time to start the task. If necessary, use a thin brush to paint the edge of the tape. Sometimes people prefer roller. After painting, remove the tape after about 5 minutes.

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