How To Make Valances For Windows

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Add valances for windows can transform a mediocre window in a spotlight. Hanging, so called because ornamental borders resemble the dresses of women, can stand alone on top of a window or curtains can be added on. If you have basic sewing skills, you can make a valance pendant to create an attractive decoration for the window.

Instruction to make valances for windows:  measure the curtain rod and divide the measurement in half. Add 4-inch to this measurement to the seam allowances and to allow the valance hangs slightly when the Lay completely in more than half of the window.

Calculate the circumference of the border since you’ve measured diameter (diameter 3.14). Draw a circle with a diameter equal to 26-inch and a circumference of 81.64-inch is (2 m) in newspaper black and cut it in half to produce a piece of semicircular pattern for hanging valance.

Stretch fabric flat with the edges at the top and bottom. Place the piece of fabric pattern on the flat side up pattern. Cut a piece of fabric for each pendant border you want to do.

Place the piece valance on the board, with the back side of the fabric facing up. Add exterminated edges 1/2-inch and press lightly with the iron. Turn edges up another 1/2-inch and iron again. Place pins at these edges.

Make stitches along the edges with pins to make a hem at the borders. Remove the pins. Divide the circumference measurement by half and add 1-inch. Cut a piece of ornaments to be equal to this measure. Pin with a pin the trim piece on the right side of the rounded edge of the valance, turn 1/2-inch under each end. Sew the hem ornament pendant border and remove the pins.

Finally, to make valances for windows, place a curtain ring at both ends of the flat portion of the border. Place the rings over the curtain rod above the window.

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