How To Make Valances Window Treatments

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Valances window treatments are large, rectangular, decorative elements covering the top part of a window. Use them with or without curtains to add architectural interest or create a focal point for the area of the window. It takes the expanded polystyrene board 1-inch enough to cut a rectangle 5-inch in height through the top of the window that must decoration thickness. You also need a bit ‘of polystyrene waste tips to create sides of the border.

Attach the brackets to the wall above or next to the window, as directed on package. Think about how you want the large valances window treatments to be the first to enter the brackets to the wall. Measure the distance from the support bracket. Add 2-inch to the measurement to make a window treatment valance that slides on the outside of the brackets firmly to the sides to ensure border.

Draw the outline of the polystyrene box valance. The box should be 5 centimeters high and wide as the measure. You also need to outline two small rectangles, each 5 cm and a width of 3-inch. Rub a small amount of wax on the knife to help cut the grease. Cut the large rectangle of polystyrene to create the front of the window treatment valance. Cut two small rectangles of foam to create the sides.

Press the two pegs glue covered half in the top third and bottom of the thin, Part 5 cm in height, with a small rectangle of polystyrene. Repeat with the second and even small pin rectangle. Press the other end of the two pins on the back of the large rectangle. Repeat with the second small rectangle. You should now have what looks like a long rectangle without the top, bottom or rear. Allow to dry.

Take a piece of tape and wrap tightly in a vertical line in the back, left side valances window treatments. Cut the tape so that the two ends meet in the center-back of the card. Add glue tape down my spine just to put around the border, as the glue can stain. Another piece of tape wrapped next to the first, overlapping the edges slightly.

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