How To Make Welding Curtains

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Welding is a process of joining metals with heat and electricity. This industrial process requires many procedures to preserve the health and safety for both the operator of the welding system and its neighbors. Professional welders use welding curtains to protect those working near them both against the glare of welding and sparks inevitable that occur when soldering.

Education to make welding curtains: cut the steel pipe 1-inch into four pieces, each 6 feet long. Cut two pieces 18 inches in length for the feet of the screen. Solder one of the pieces 6 feet from attack in the middle of 18-inch lengths of steel. Solder a second piece 6-foot in a similar way.

Solder a 6-foot cross on the top edge of the sections bipeds. Cut 2-inch off the last section 6 feet and welded sections on legs 48-inch below the top bar. Cut a 14-mil, transparent yellow, orange or blue vinyl sheet to 46-inch by 70-inch to fit within the framework created

Install eyelets at the end of the vinyl sheeting approximately 1 inch from the edges every 12-inch on all four sides. Finally, to make welding curtains, plug in the cable clamps and attach to the top, sides and bottom of the frame.

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