How To Paint A Bedroom With Starburst Wall Decor

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Painting a room with stars brings a slice of the universe right into your bedroom. The development of this room is not difficult, because you can use items such as templates and wall art in three dimensions to help you create the whole look. Moreover, this starburst wall decor motif will appeal to a young astronomer eager to learn more about the stars and the night sky. It will be a pleasure to turn off the lights every night to go to sleep.

Find templates stars if you are worried about not being able to create stars of the show of hands. Choose a focal wall for a star. The rooms all have a starburst wall decor or best feature in the room that draws the eye as a focal point. In one bedroom, one of the most natural focal points is the wall of the bed rests against.

Paint the starburst wall decor and ceilings of blue. Style two-tone paint works well with this type of decorative screen. To do this, paint the bottom of the walls a light blue and the upper starburst wall decor and ceiling of dark blue color. You mix the two together paint colors as light is to darkness; it will replicate the look of the evening sky. Allow the paint to dry according to instructions on the paint can.

Preparing the walls before painting

Are you getting ready to paint your wall? Should know that before paint at the walls, we must prepare and also clean the wall. This is useful to keep the clear right of your painting. Learn how to prepare walls properly with this step-by-step guide. The first you must do is “unwind”. To begin, use a dust brush or a cloth to clean spider webs, dust or dirt; this will ensure that your paintbrush and paint remain clean and free of dirt while you apply the paint.
Then, eliminate fungi. Fungi can develop in humid areas with no air passage, so it’s a good idea to make sure your home is well ventilated. To remove visible fungi, follow these steps: First, brush the surface with a solution of water and detergent; second, rinse; third, apply a solution of one part of sodium hypochlorite in ten parts of water using a brush; fourth, rinse thoroughly and allow drying. For best results, follow package directions.
Remove paint and old wallpaper. If the surface of the current wall is shiny and you are going to paint with a matt paint, you will have to sand it lightly with fine sandpaper. To remove the wallpaper, we recommend using a wallpaper remover, which contains a “solvent” that softens and peels off the adhesive. Without this, the adhesive residue can discolor the paint later.
And the last is clean the walls. Once you have removed old paint or wallpaper, wash the surfaces you plan to paint with diluted detergent and warm water. If you are going to paint the kitchen, there may be grease on the walls, so try to use a little stronger detergent. Be sure to rinse all debris with clean water and allow the walls to dry completely before painting. After the wall dry completely, you can painting whatever you want.

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