How To Paint Antiquing Furniture With Crackle

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Crackle paint your furniture is an easy way to give the illusion of antiquing furniture to new parts. Select two contrasting paint colors to use in your project; the first layer of paint serves as color marks crunch, which show through the second layer of paint. Between the two coats of paint will be applied to the average crack. More he crunches the middle you put on your furniture, the largest of the cracks will be.

If you want a more dramatic look, apply a thick layer of crackle glaze. Clean the antiquing furniture with a damp cloth before starting to paint. Apply the first coat of paint with a roller. Use a brush for painting in courts of furniture. Apply crackle glaze half the furniture. Use a brush to apply polish, always working in one direction.

You must apply within a certain amount of time. In some cases, if the second coat of paint in four hours is not added, it may not be as effective a crackled look. Add the second coat of paint with a brush or sponge. Apply a transparent water-based coating to protect your antiquing furniture. Let the clear coat dry before returning the furniture for regular use.

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