How To Put Small Flower Garden Ideas

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Vintage Small Flower Garden Ideas

Small flower garden ideas – Whether you prefer a formal flower garden with straight beds and neat borders or bent, informal beds, take time to plan your flower bed so it will continually give you flowers from spring to autumn and even winter. Consider all aspects, even when you will show the bed, how to mix annuals with bushes and perennials, and how to use landscape elements like fences and buildings with your flowers.
Make a list of the small flower garden ideas. Consider features like height, flowering season, scent and color to help you place them in your design schematic. Design a chart of your garden bed. For best results, make at least 6 feet from the front to the back to allow the plants to grow and flower. Assign plants more than 3 feet high to the back of the bed. If they are spring bulbs, grow tall annul or perennials that bloom in late spring or late summer next to them to swap their whistled flowers.
Design spaces for flowers 1 to 3 feet high in the middle of the bed. Small flower garden ideas like hill with those bowing or spreading to increase visual interest. Reserve the front of the bed for one-foot border flowers like alyssum or daisy. Orient the bed against the viewer. For example, plant border flowers where they can be seen from a kitchen window.

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