How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Tips

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How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

How to refinish kitchen cabinets and liven up the living space? Refinishing the kitchen cabinets will help you to spend some money instead of buying a new kitchen cabinets for your home. Before doing the process, you should prepare these tools. One, scrapers, a hammer, rags,  screw drivers, sponges, and sanding blocks. Make sure all those tools are in your tool box already.

Then you should prepare the painter’s tape. Make sure you know what not to paint since it is more important than making a plan of what to paint. Next on the how to refinish kitchen cabinets tips, prepare a drop cloth, or any other material to cover adjacent surfaces while you are refinishing the kitchen cabinets. You can also try to go to a moving supply store and get some packing paper. It will work very good, just like newspaper, without have to worry about the messy ink. Next tools should be prepared are paint stripper, and paint brushes with good quality.

To start the refinishing process, make sure you have already empty the cabinets. Continue the process with removing the cabinet doors and shelves. Do it carefully, make sure not to slip and damage the channel or it will be impossible to unscrew. The paint stripper can be used to label the cabinets doors and shelves so you will still remember where they go.

After that you can start to clean the cabinets. Use TSP for not only cleaning but also removing heavy grease deposits. Then you can continue with cleaning the cabinet hardware. It is important to make a fresher look. Next, you can strip painted hardware.

If you already finish with those steps, continue with painting your kitchen cabinets. To make a glossy, and smooth appearance you can use a sprayer for the best finish. However it can also be tricky. So you should be careful while applying the how to refinish kitchen cabinets tips.How to refinish kitchen cabinets,

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