How To Repair Crack In Waterford Crystal Vase

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Waterford crystal vase are expensive to acquire and in some cases may be nearly as expensive to repair. With the bonding agent to the right and a careful eye, however, you can repair a cracked glass vase on your own without having to consult a professional.

Instructions to repair crack in Waterford crystal vase: locate a specialized bonding agent intended for use in repairing glass. Epoxy designed for glass. Prepare the solution of epoxy, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Some epoxy comes in a multi-party must be combined prior to use formula. Check the label to make sure you are using the substance in a suitable environment that offers no extremes of heat or cold may alter the effectiveness of the product temperatures.

Clean the area of the crack with acetone to remove any residue or oils which may cause difficulty with the epoxy bonded to the glass surface. Clean the area with a dry cloth to remove any moisture and dust. Apply epoxy to the cracked area. Be sure to apply enough products that can seep into every crack. Wipe off any excess epoxy with a cloth or a toothpick.

Using sandpaper fine grain and a soft touch, gently sand any remaining epoxy may be present in the glass surface. Make sure the repair is fully established and the epoxy is completely dry before sanding. Since the epoxy dries clear and bonds for crystal molecules, the repair should be virtually undetectable. Clean the area again with the cloth dipped in acetone to clean any trace of final waste. Complete repair cleaning the Waterford crystal vase with a clean cloth.

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