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How To Sliding Door Child Lock Of Closet

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Great Sliding Door Child Lock

It can be difficult to maintain a sense of privacy when you have a sliding closet door. You can place a sliding door child lock. You can consider buying a safe in order to maintain a sense of security and privacy when you’re trying to avoid that older people have access to their belongings.

Instructions to sliding door child lock: buy a cabinet lock wings to prevent people from accessing your wardrobe with sliding doors. Move your closet doors in a closed position so you can install the lock. Press the tape on the flat back of the winged lock. Press blocking the closet door that slides behind the other. The wing tips will prevent the other door is open unless you press both wings down while sliding the door open.

Screw penetration side of a bolt sliding door child lock on the front door near the top. Install the corresponding part of the slide lock bold frame to just above the first fastening part. You install a second locking pin slides on the other door.

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