How To Solve Combo Door Lock

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Combo door lock offers the convenience, because there is no key to carry around and, perhaps, to forget or lose. However, combination locks have moving parts of key locks, because of their dials. Your block combo may need to troubleshoot if it is frozen, dirty or dial locks. Fix the block to remove the dust from the inside of it, lubricants and turning the ring many times.

Education to solve combo door lock: use high pressure air from a can of dust remover to remove dust from the areas of composition and shackle and to clean the block. Put lubricant on cricket and compose the parts if the lock freezes in winter. Apply lubricant sparingly. Let the lubricant sink down into the lock. Gently knock the block against a table to spread the fluid throughout the lock and loosen any parts frozen or blocked.

Turn the lock several times to distribute the lubricant after application. Check the dial or dials as well as the lock and cricket and clean the additional lubricant from them. Leave the lock to air dry. The combo door lock is ready for use once it is dry.

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