How To Use Sunbrella Awnings Fabrics

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Sunbrella awnings can help keep your cool and relaxing garden in the summer sun, or help protect your windows from excessive sunlight. Unfortunately, many fabrics did not survive the rain, sun and climate of nature. Sunbrella fabrics are a great choice because they provide UV protection and use very well outdoors.

Instructions to use sunbrella awnings fabrics: begin to disarm its current awning. You can simply remove the portion of the awning fabric, but may have to cut fabric frame. Do so carefully, noting where and how to cut the fabric awning was installed. The fabric removes serve as a pattern for the new Sunbrella awning. Trace the awning or measure carefully to create a pattern.

Cut your pattern using the Sunbrella awning fabric created from the previous awning. Note hems, seams and other features of the original awning on your new pattern using a water soluble marker. Install a heavyweight needle in your sewing machine.

Press all seams and hems in place with a cool iron before sewing awnings. Use a generous margin and perfectly finish all visible seams. Sew seams according to their pattern. It allows spaces or anchors to secure the canopy to the existing structure of awning. Keep straight seams to make room for the frame of the awning when necessary and reinforce any seams with vinyl stretched to sew.

Open cut threads and press the Sunbrella awning. You can use a waterproofing spray to increase the water repellent properties of Sunbrella fabric. Hang your new awning, reassembling the framework you need. Enjoy the shade and UV protection offered by the new sunbrella awnings.

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