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How To Wire Copper Outdoor Lighting

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Glass Copper Outdoor Lighting

Copper outdoor lighting provides curb appeal and security for your home. Specialties for your home and landscape can accentuate at night. Walkways and entrances can be well lit to provide security from the trip or to identify strangers before they can get too close to the house. Outdoor lighting must be disconnected from main power source and certain obstacles, such as driving the cable during ramps and sidewalks must be considered. Before digging always contact your local tool to mark the location of underground electrical, water, sewers and gas pipelines.
Plan the spotlight for spotlights, spotlights and copper outdoor lighting and put light in place on the ground. Dig a ditch to the extent required for your area (6 to 24 inches) to directly bury power lines. Contact your local office to check for the appropriate depth. Remove all sharp rocks and roots that can damage the coating on the wire. Place the removed ground aside the ditch so that it can be replaced after the wire is installed.
Let at least 3 feet of excess immediately bury wire and follow the copper outdoor lighting around the track for the planned lights. Remember to leave twice the length of the depth of the trench of surplus wire for each fixture to accommodate the depth required to reach the top of the field and back into the trench for each fixture. Crimp at the end of a piece of wire and use a wire to drive the wire according to the fixed surface. Cut off the curled end with a pipe cutter when it reaches the other side of the solid surface. Slide the cable through the wire to maintain continuous operation of the main wire.

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