Ideas To Connect Landscape Lighting Connectors

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Smart Landscape Lighting Connectors

Landscape lighting connectors – landscape lighting wire differs from normal electrical cable because the insulation is UV resistant and the entire system is designed to be as resistant as possible to moisture. When wiring your landscape light, you will most likely have to splice certain sections. Splicing the cable allows you to extend the length between lights or add lights to a set. Numerous types of connectors have been developed for this purpose, but only two are noteworthy. Quick connectors are reliable and easy to install, and for more moisture-laden areas, full epoxy connectors are your best option.
Make sure the power of your landscape lighting connectors is off. Cut the ends of the wires you need to splice so they are very neat and even. You do not want any of the loose wires protruding from the end or so that there is any damaged part of the insulation at the ends. You do not have to strip the insulation of the wires from using a quick-connect splice.
Open a quick landscape lighting connectors splice. A quick connect splice has two parts to it. The lower part consists of a plastic housing with two channels and two copper tips protruding from the housing and a threaded central hole. The upper part is molded of plastic that has two channels and a screw in the center. Hold the bottom with the tips facing up.

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