Indoor Garden Ideas Modern Decoration

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Indoor Garden Ideas Innovative

Indoor Garden Ideas – The indoor garden is more than ever trendy! It comes in many forms and adapts to all habitats. It brings a fresh and soothing touch to your decoration and excludes many constraints. No need for a patio or a veranda to create your winter garden, in any season! Any habitat will find its islet of greenery in a living room, an office, a kitchen or even in a room. Indoors, it is better to opt for tropical plants. They are also very popular and seduce the most deco enthusiasts.
Monstera, banana, pachira, yucca or chlorophytum may be mentioned. To install indoor garden ideas, choose a bright spot. Be careful, the plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this may damage the plants. Tropical plants should be watered regularly. Devote one of your shelves to the layout of your indoor garden. Set it near a window, alongside a small armchair and a side table, to read or enjoy a hot tea. Relaxation assured.
This is the new fashion we have spotted! Swap your classic photos against plants framed and put under herbarium glass. The terracotta pot is back in force! We avoid now pots with colors (too) acidulated, a little old-fashioned. Opt for uniformity and sobriety. Classic pots indoor garden ideas in earth, gray or beige color are commercially available. Alternate pots sizes and height of their arrangement to boost the final rendering.

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