Innovative Ideas Kids Playroom Furniture

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Children need a place to unleash your imagination. If you have an empty space at home, you can transform it into kids playroom furniture. We explain what to consider when decorate, organize and furnish this fun place.

One thing to consider of kids playroom furniture is safety of materials and furniture. It is preferable that edges of furniture are round or provided with protective silicone. You must ensure that all furniture is secure and stable, and that children often climb, “he adds.

From floor, most suitable materials are wood, bamboo and laminate, because that adds warmth and allows children to play without risking an accident. If environment is provided with a slippery surface, interior designer Vanessa Salas recommends covering it with rubber floors. “These plates designed as a puzzle pieces are easy to install, also cushion falls and cleaning is simple. Opt for bright and dark colors, light colors as quickly dirty” highlights

Paint walls with a paint low odor, fast drying, lead and washable. Use light colors for kids playroom furniture and children’s furniture usually have much color. If you choose bright colors, use neutral or pastel furniture. If room is shared by boys and girls, you can use yellow, green, orange, turquoise or lime combined with white.

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