Inspiration To Get Shade Garden Ideas

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Choose Shade Garden Ideas

In most of our geography, due to the high insolation, before setting up a garden the first thing should be to plan the shade garden ideas. Ferns, lime trees, begonias are the best allies, along with the pergolas and the virgin vines. In addition, the nooks of a leafy garden expand the virtues and enjoyment of space. We give you ideas and inspiration to get a garden with shade and … mystery. Start today by planting the first trees and in a short time you will have the right canopy.

Sleeping in a forest is not an easy task. Wild and full of life, it requires a difficult adaptation. Hence, almost always, look for a clear, an island of vegetation to rest.  Get all the advantages of the mysterious forest with the tranquility of feeling in your own shade garden ideas, placing a teak bank between calamus ( Acorus ) and tree ferns ( Dicksonia ).

Plant the right trees at a safe distance so that their roots do not cause havoc in the building. If there is water nearby, enjoy the shade garden ideas provided by the alders ( Alnus glutinosa ). Cover the walls with virgin vines and carpet the ground with ferns and box trees.

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