How To Install Acacia Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Acacia Solid Hardwood Flooring Idea

Acacia solid hardwood flooring – There is nothing as beautiful as a wooden floor when it is polished to perfection. But many homeowners fear that installing one is too big of a project to deal with. With a few tricks of the trades under your belt, you can have a wooden floor under your feet in no time. Most of the tools you need can be rented from your local DIY center. Remove existing floor down to the floor. Make sure you level out the floor surface by pulling out all the remaining staples, nails or glue. Fill in any large holes or gaps.
Remove existing baseboard in the room where you will install the acacia solid hardwood flooring, and save it to install again if you purchased the new base. Look to be sure there is no debris on the feel for flooring that will cause your floor to fit poorly. Cut the felt underlayment and staple it to the floor. Use as few staples that are need to keep the blanket in place.
Determine the acacia solid hardwood flooring were studs by tapping on the floor until you hear a solid sound. Floor joists run usually either 16 or 24-inch centers. Once you’ve determined where the studs are, running a chalk line directly over each one. That’s where you have to nail your floor.

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