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Install The Grid Of Low Basement Ceiling Ideas

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Very Low Basement Ceiling Ideas

Low Basement Ceiling Ideas – Finishing your basement can increase the living space in your home. And can also hide pipes and ugly wiring along the ceiling. Owners can choose from suspended ceilings or those constructed from gypsum panel or drywall. Suspended ceilings are the easiest and most affordable option. But they can take up to several additional inches of roof space. Drywall ceilings that take up less space and look cleaner. But are more expensive and time-consuming to install.

Find the lowest point on your low basement ceiling ideas. If the portions of pipes or ducts are lower than the bottom of the joists, use these as your lowest point. Nail a single length of the wall molding to the wall at the reference point you found in previous step. Establishing a laser level along this molding and use it to project a line around the perimeter of the room. Add wall molding on all four walls, using tin snips to cut the molding, as needed.

These are uninterrupted grid sections that run the entire length of the room. Furthermore, they should be placed every 2 feet, and they should be supported every 48 inches along their length using roof cables.  Place the tees to the electrical network of the low basement ceiling ideas. These are the shorter sections of a grid that help frame the tiles. Adjust the ceiling tiles. Tilt each tile at an angle to fit over the grid, then hold it in a horizontal position and allow it to fall into place. Cut tiles using a utility knife, as needed.

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