Install Laminate Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Interlocking floor tiles – Interlocking laminate floor tiles are a composite of wood covered with a sheet of plastic that mimics the different soil types, including ceramic tile or stone, cork or wood. Unlike all these materials, laminate interlocking tiles are not actually glued or nailed to anything; just sit on a padded base floor, locked together by a whitening system on the sides of the tiles and held by trimming floor. It is a simple quick project for a homeowner, and can be placed on almost any existing floor, other than carpets.
Install interlocking floor tiles, with the hammer and lever, remove the entire floor room setting. Keep it intact as you remove it. Remove cloves and set aside. Set separators floor every few meters along the walls on all sides. Stretch base padded floor in rows, cutting to fit the end with his knife. Apply tape along the seams between the rows to keep them together.
Begin laying your interlocking floor tiles in a corner of the room, working your way outwards. Clip tiles together at the edges, using your tapping block and hammer to fit well. Use your miter saw to cut the tiles on the far walls as needed. Remove the wall spacers. Use your nailed fit install the floor covering the space around the edge of the track. Be sure to nail the molding on the wall and not through the new plant.

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