Install Parquet Hardwood Flooring During Doorway

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Awesome Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet hardwood flooring is durable flooring available in a variety of designs and types of wood. To add a single floor that extends through a doorway and includes several rooms can be a difficult task. Cutting boards to match the contours of the door rarely results in a perfect fit. Instead, you need to cut the trim around the door itself, giving you room to slide the boards over. This not only gives you a smooth continuous surface without also using the door trim to hide the edges of the discs. Just like the bottom plate of the wall hides the edges of the perimeter of your floor.
Open the door completely and remove the hinges from the door frame with a Phillips screwdriver. Then, remove the cover to allow access to the door trim. Also turn a piece of the parquet hardwood flooring up and down to protect the surface from scratches. And place it against the trim surrounding the doorway. If you use the base, cut a piece from there with a utility knife that is large enough to set the floor plank and place it under the plank before pressing the plank against the trim.
Take a handsaw and place the sheet on the board against the trim. Cut through upholstery using the plank as a height guide, until you reach the wall below. Pry the trim cut from the wall with a flat screwdriver and remove the plank. Repeat the cutting process on the other side of the door opening. Install parquet hardwood flooring through the door by pushing the planks under the guise of the two sides, with the average for the area and to provide visual overhangs the edge of the planks.

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