Installing Cabinet Door Locks In An RV

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Recreational vehicles travel on roads and bumpy roads camping. Cabinets in an RV can pop open when the vehicle is tilted, causing the contents to spill on the ground. The solution is cam locks that keep cabinet door locks. You’ll Need: Carpenters, pencil, drill, 1/4-inch drill bit, 5/8-inch paddle bit, 5/8-inch cramming, Phillips screwdriver. Dial the destination cabinet door locks with a carpenter’s pencil on the closet door.

Drill a pilot whole cabinet door locks on the mark with some quarter-inch drill all the way through the closet door. Change drill a 1/4-inch paddle bit of a 5/8-inch into the hole. Place the tip of the drill blade into the pilot hole and drill through the whole closet door. Open the cabinet door and open with one hand support.

Push cam lock into the hole in the closet door with bolt upright on the outside of the cabinet door. Slide the rubber gasket on the back of the cam lock. Place the locking arm on the cam lock at the rear inside the cabinet. Place the locking arm is horizontal so at lower cabinets or vertical locking cabinet doors. Slide the short Phillips screw in the back of the lock arm and the lock.

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