Installing Herringbone Tile Floor

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Herringbone tile floor – Layout designs of tiles are one of several types or specific patterns. The standard layout of the tile is either in the form of square or rectangular grid or a pattern of bricks. A common but difficult design is the herringbone pattern that appears to be three-step staircase in search of a direction and arrows in search of another. Lay tiles in a herringbone pattern require that the width of the tile is exactly twice the height.
Installing herringbone tile floor, Cut several rectangular tiles precisely in half with a wet tile saw, making several square tiles. Start with four or six square tiles cut from two to three rectangles. Additional cut square tiles, as needed. Place a square tile in the right corner of the room. Place a horizontal rectangular tile with the long edge running from side to side to the left of the square tile.
Place a third tile horizontally so that the short edge touches the right edge of the plant and is located just below the first two tiles. Place a second square tile flush with the right edge of the third herringbone tile floor right below to create a stepped design. Repeat steps design with full vertical tile where the long edge extends from the top down rather than side to side. Continue placing tiles so that you are putting horizontal tiles coming from the farthest from the work floor in a step of the ladder on the right bank of the floor edge and you are putting vertical tiles from the right edge the floor to the other end of the floor.

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