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Installing Hinged Swinging Doors

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Modern Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are well known for their use in the Old West. From the old west, the swinging door has taken many forms. Everything from the traditional two-door with a single door to the kitchen and even a door industrial manufacturing plant has been designed and built for rolling. This is the easiest type of door to install. Place the base of the swinging doors at the base of the wall opening. Tilt the top in place. Push the hinge side of the door tight against the wall frame.

Installing a finish nail upper hinge side door frame. Use a level to check for plumb along the hinge side. Inspect the gap between the door frame and door, called the show. Must be uniform along all sides apart.  Installing wedges on each side of the hinges and latch area. Drive finishing nails through the frame and shims under the wall at each location.

Remove the center screw from the top hinge on the frame swinging doors. Install a new 3 “screw at this location. This will prevent the door from sagging. Install the casing around the door. Use a nail gun with 1-1 / 4 “bolts to secure the housing to the wall. Test the door.

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