Installing Modified Bitumen Roof

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Bitumen Roof Install

Bitumen Roof – Bitumen, also called asphalt or tar, is the viscous material. That binds the layers of a modified bitumen sheath. Construction professionals call multi-membrane roofs modified bitumen or strawberry roofs. They consist of several layers of tar and laminate for roofing, while professionals are typically asphalt hot for commercial projects. While cold applied cement for roofing is suitable for do-it-yourself projects.
Available in large tubs, cold applied cement is applying to the deck with a roofing brush or squeegee and generally creates less mess of hot asphalt. Cut material loose from the ceiling with a knife. Cut off the protuberances and gaps on the surface of the existing cover with the knife. Scrape large areas of damaged or deteriorated bitumen roof with a roof spatula, as a result, it is acceptable to apply multi-membrane roof over previous decks that are clean and structurally stable.
Sweep the surface of the roof with a broom to remove dirt, gravel, and debris. Inspect the intermittent roof for rust and deterioration. Flashing level damaged from the ceiling with a lever bar. Roof sealant spread through holes and holes with a knife. For new and old roofs, cut intermittently to size and fasten roof flashings with hammer and bitumen roof studs approximately every 12 to 18 inches. Seal the edges of the flashing and fastener heads with a roof sealant and a spatula.

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