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Installing Sliding Patio Door Blinds

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Patio, or sliding patio door blinds allow a lot of sunlight through its glass areas open wide but not much privacy. Vertical blinds allow you to adjust the desired amount of sunlight and privacy, as quick access to the sliding door completely out of your way, allowing you to come and go freely is needed. Installation only takes about 30 minutes and a few simple tools. A mounting abroad is the best on the patio doors as the general framework is too shallow for an inside mount.

Installing sliding patio door blinds are Examine all parts of the box to confirm you have all the hardware and you know what each piece is. There are several types of media that vary slightly in execution, but are mostly the same. Find the center of your front door by measuring from left to right at the top. Place a small pencil mark just above the door way in the middle. Find the center of the top rail in the same way and put a similar mark on it. When the marks align you know the blinds will focus on the door.

after for installing sliding patio door blinds are Measure 4 inches from each end of the top rail and put a piece of tape on the front of it at this distance of 4 inches. Hold a palette or the long, narrow partial shade above the top center of the door and let it hang down to the distance you want the bottom of the pallets to be out of the plant. This is usually about 1 inch of soil. Mark the top of the palette with a pencil.

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