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Installing Some Types Of Roof Shingles

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Types Of Roof Shingles Home

Types Of Roof Shingles – Building a roof is a job that has to end with the proper installation of shingles or termination boards. But the entire house and roof can be seriously damaged. In this project, we will teach you how to install asphalt shingles because, in addition to having an easy placement, for its fiberglass and asphalt materials. They are well suite for a great variety of climates: dry, rainy, windy, sunny and humid.
Asphalt types of roof shingles are manufacture to be installing on new ceilings or renovations. On hard, smooth and dry wood decks that allow a good nail fixation. Practically no maintenance required, they are lightweight, and have resistance to fire and winds up to 95 km / h. The tiles are making of fiberglass and asphalt, due to the nature of the raw material. In cold weather remain rigid and flexible in times of heat. They have a built-in thermal adhesive that unites them by means of the heat they receive when they are sunny.
There is a great variety of colors, which not only contribute in the aesthetics of the types of roof shingles but also influences the absorption of heat. Place the starting row taking care that the line of adhesive is on the bottom edge of the roof. Apply adhesive on the corners and center of each tile. Nail the tile protruding 10mm from the edge to act as mortars.

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