Installing Terracotta Floor Tile

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Terracotta floor tile – Terra cot ta clay is a material often used for sculptures and ceramic tiles. As a tile, which can be applied to various types and architectural styles? Terra cot ta tiles are similar to Castillo tiles in size and composition. As Castillo tiles, terracotta tiles can be installed through a simple process that usually most do-it-yourself can handle.
Installing terracotta floor tile, clean dust and loose debris from the floor, using the wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Mix the mortar in a thin adhesive layer in the 5-gallon bucket, using the electric drill and a mixing paddle. Apply an even layer of adhesive mortar thin layer to the back of the tile grout with the trowel. Press the tile floor about 1/2 inch of the walls, the compression of the mortar to just under half an inch. Work your way along the entire length of the walls in both directions, leaving a gap between tiles 1/2 inch to allow the slurry. Set the tiles in rows on the remaining soil.
Mix the slurry in 5 gallon large cube, using the electric drill and a mixing paddle. Fill grout bag about 3/4 full with grout; twist the top opening to close. Apply the grout joints between the terracotta floor tiles, using grout bag. Work your way to the outside of the corner. Wipe off any excess grout from the joints and tiles, using the large sponge; rinse with clean water as you work. Allow grout to dry thoroughly before allowing normal foot traffic.

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