Installing Thatched Roof Cottage

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Thatched Roof Cottage Antique

Thatched roof cottage can add an ornate, old-fashioned charm to any space and they are quite easy to install. Instead of using tin, most tin plates actually made from a non-rusting aluminum. Follow these steps to learn how to install a custom thatched roof cottage.


Carefully measure your room and purchase ceiling tiles needed for the project. If your room is not perfectly square, or you will need to cut tiles, it is best to have about 10 percent extra in the material in any problems. Buy some extra tin plates. You will also need to purchase trim to finish the project for a clean, professional look.
Prep the roof by removing the old tiles or wallpaper or any previous ceiling treatment. Use a chalk line and tape measure to mark the center of the room.  Start the installation by applying the first five tiles on the thatched roof cottage secure with roofing tile adhesive. From there you will be working outward toward the sides of the walls. The plates should overlap slightly.
Use nails. Many tin panels have spikes at the joints of the panels. If necessary, the instructions specify and show you exactly where the nail goes. The image in this step shows where panels will come together and it’s also where they will be nailed in. If you plan to paint the tiles, you can do so after installation is complete. In some cases it may be easier to paint the tiles first. If you do not paint, then you should use a coating of a sealant to completely seal the plates and protect them.

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