Installing Traffic Master Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Allure Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Allure vinyl plank flooring – Starting with remove the baseboard. Clean the floor. Prepare the first series of floors “planks”. For this, cutting the side edge that overlaps the adjacent plank adhesive side in an amount sufficient to complete the first row. This overlapping edge is not support in the first row of planks and tends to hang down, if not trimmed. Allure the planks easily cut with a utility knife and metal ruler. Such as the side of a framing square. Start the installation of Allure Traffic Master flooring in the left corner, parallel to the wall and place the first plank with the trimmed edge against the wall.
Maintaining an approximately 1/4-inch space from the wall at all perimeter edges of the floor. This is to allow the small natural expansion and contraction of the flooring with varying ambient temperatures. This small gap can covered with the skirting board or left exposed. As it’s hardly distinguishable when the floor is completed. Connect the next section of the floor by holding the plank at a slight angle and adjust the end of the previous plank’s adhesive strip. Then press the plank down to seal the end joints together. Repeat to connect the next section of the allure vinyl plank flooring to complete the first row of floor planks.
Cut a full plank length in half to use as starting material piece to the next row of planks. Repeat to connect the next section of the allure vinyl plank flooring to complete this and all subsequent rows of flooring planks for the entire floor area. Continues to change the length of each row starting piece to offset the end joints consistently. Set the room’s perimeter baseboard, if applicable.

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