Installing Wall Mount Pallet Garden Bench Ideas

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Simple Concrete Stone Garden Bench Ideas

To installing pallet garden bench ideas, start by screwing the large eye screws. This will be the pallet that will be fixed to the wall, in a vertical position. We need two eyelet screws to fix the pallet to the wall and two more to the top to secure the other pallet. In the pallet that will be perpendicular to the wall, place two large eye screws in the position that allows the two pallets to form a 90 ° angle.
Between the eye screws of the vertical pallet and those of the horizontal pallet the chain that will support the garden bench ideas (horizontal pallet) will be hooked. Now secure the two pallets together by installing the hinges. With four hinges a good stability is guaranteed, taking into account that in all probability you will end up putting a lot of weight on the bench during the work: tools, soil, pots and other objects.
Install two large eye bolts on the wall and with two pieces of chain attached to them the vertical pallet. So that the garden bench ideas is fixed to the wall. Now tighten the small eye screws along the vertical pallet axles. These will be the hooks you will use to keep the gardening tools at your disposal. Position the screws according to your comfort and the type of tools you will need to fix.

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