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Interface Carpet Tile

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Stylish Roof Soffit

Interface carpet tile – The interface is a leader company in the production of carpets that his commitment to the environment is truly remarkable. Beyond the huge amount of technological innovation applicable to the products and the careful design, the interface is committed since the mid nineties with the goal of Zero Mission, which consisted completely, eliminate their footprint on the environment by 2020.
In accordance with this paradigm, the interface presents a series Effect Net, which uses the results from the two programs known as the re entry and Net works. The net effect is a new modular carpet tile collection is meant to evoke the behavior of ocean waves. Interface carpet tile  designed exclusively by David Oaky, the influence of the Net proposed two different collection called Effect Net one and two.
The net Effect of one consists of a group of three texture meant to evoke a specific moment when waves crash against the shore and comes in 50 cm tiles. But the story does not end with the Net Effect of various products. Interface carpet tile as has been mentioned above, the benefits of the net effect of the two program Interface Re entry and Net works. With re entry, the interface is able to save a lot of carpets used to return to the production lines in the form of feathers, far extend the life of the product.

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