Interior Sliding Barn Door Idea

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While visiting the Website of The Brooklyn Home Company I had a real heart for the concept of interior sliding barn door. It goes to any type of decoration, whether natural, ethnic or industrial giving a unique touch to your home.

Besides allowing saving space (it does not get in the way), which I love above all in this system is that it is not that expensive or difficult to achieve. If you manage to pick up old boards barn or a beautiful antique door at good prices (some addresses at the end of my article), the main cost of the project remains the hardware.

In terms of achievement, Dana Miller of the US House * Tweaking blog explains how to do (in English). In short, we must ensure that the wall against which your slide door should be at least as wide as your door. Once the barn planks cut to the desired height and a sanding stroke is needed to rebuild their beauty. To assemble the door is used in which the transverse boards are screwed vertical boards. One can then choose to leave them in their natural state or gray paint after applying an undercoat of paint (primer).

The explanation of the installation on the wall is a bit more technical insofar as the weight of the door must be offset by a strong anchoring of the rail into the wall. That’s where we want to have it as a “handy hubby” (husband DIY) home. Overall, this is a relatively accessible project for those who want to save on the purchase and installation of a prefabricated sliding door, usually quite expensive.

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