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Like Sand Scratches On Mid Century Modern Bedroom Furniture

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Mid century modern bedroom furniture has some of the most emblematic pieces of the entire industrial design. Instantly recognizable pieces, such as Eames chair has aesthetic and monetary value. According to the period, more modern bedroom furniture mid-century has wood veneer. To keep these parts in good condition, you should take care of them and correct any surface defects as soon as possible.

Things you’ll need to like sand scratches on mid century modern bedroom furniture:  steel wool 0000 grade sandpaper or 360, Cole wax, and chamois.

Instructions to like sand scratches on mid century modern bedroom furniture: apply moderate layer of steel wool wax, hard paste wax rubbing with steel wool. For deep scratches, use sandpaper 360 grit instead of steel wool. Rub the steel wool on the scratches on the wood veneer in the direction of the grain. Rub lightly and just enough to work the paste wax and minimize scratches on the furniture. No sand through the wood veneer layer. Buff the wax paste with a soft cloth until the scratches disappear and paste wax and a shiny gloss is left behind

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