Luxury Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Luxury bedroom furniture, romance and comfort are the words that could describe a bohemian decor, making it the perfect choice of style to create an atmosphere for your bedroom. If you want to redecorate your bedroom with a fresh style, a few tips can help you decorate with a bohemian style. Choose glossy or semi-gloss paints to decorate your walls, choosing colors bohemians as purples, dark reds, browns and gold. Remember that the bohemian style is characterized by vivid colors and pastels or avoiding bright and vibrant colors.

Decorate your room with big, wooden furniture decorated to achieve that bohemian style. Four poster beds, large and comfortable linen closets are excellent choices for luxury bedroom furniture. Stained wood furniture stained dark mahogany. You might also consider placing a large dowry that serves as a place for storage and as decoration of your new room.

Contrast the walls and dark furniture with light fabrics and light sheets, such as satin and lace. Choose curtains, bedspreads and simple, elegant and feminine pillows. Finish the luxury bedroom furniture with the right accessories. Mirrors with gold frames or silver are particularly bohemian, like the silver candlesticks, small wooden trinket boxes and even old books.

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