The Magic Of Metal Roof Snow Stops

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Metal Roof Snow Stops On Metal Roof

Metal roof snow stops – Most everyone here in New England knows why ice dam leakage occurs, so I will not go into detail about the anatomy of the ice dam leakage. However, let me give you, the reader, and a quick summary to refresh your recollection. Snow piled up on the roof.
Outside temperature and freeze thaw cycles climb onto the roof under the shingles. This continued day after day and then it happened. You call a contractor or a roofer and they will tell you that the roof is not installed properly. Some will tell you that the insulation needs to be addressed or that the ventilation is not working properly. It can be improved? Yes. Anything can be fixed. In some cases, you will want to reconstruct your roof to insert metal roof snow stops is adequate with the correct ratio for the ridge vents or gable vents to create a convection air up to the roof to keep it cool.
Some of these solutions can help in fixing the problem. But over time, with metal roof snow stops, one would end up with more ice dam even if the ventilation has been improved. The permanent solution to prevent ice dams are, simply, a metal roof. They are built and installed in such a way to eliminate the leakage associated with ice dams. Metal roofing has come a long way.

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