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Make A Decorative Lumbar Pillows

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Decorative lumbar pillows, making it extremely comfortable for the lower back when we are refreshing on the couch, so we decorated with tassels because we felt that the fabric was too bland. Materials we needed for back cushion: Meter, Basting thread, Proper color thread to sew, Needle and pins, Zipper, Cloth.

First started doing the round of the decorative lumbar pillows and had no compass to house, we used a round to help make a perfect circle bowl, we have placed the bowl on the role of patterns and we have outlined with a pen. We cut two pieces of fabric leaving a margin of one or two centimeter serves to make the seams.

Or measure the contour of the plate that we used with a meter of sewing. The former requires a calculator, what second artfully. With this measure we have the breadth of our pad, will long to taste, as our zipper is 50 centimeters because we have adjusted to these measure.

With the circle drawn on paper have it moved to pattern fabric decorative lumbar pillows, we secure with pins and cut leaving a centimeter to the hem. Body pad measures that we have taken we add one centimeter to the seam on each side.

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