Make A Wooden Room Dividers

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Make a wooden room dividers is based on an idea that is very fashionable lately and is decorated with wooden boxes . Wooden boxes can be used to build a lot of unique furniture and versatile addition to suit the needs of each home. If the boxes are recycled also we contribute to reducing waste and with the advantage that we will super cheap furniture.

Make a wooden room dividers is an idea from Bosch to convert traditional wooden boxes into a functional service unit that can be adapted to all kinds of travelers and fits well in different decorative styles. The realization is very simple. The materials you need are eight boxes of wood, 18 screws and obviously appropriate tools to shape the assembly is done in three simple steps.
The first step is to sand the wooden boxes.

The following will paint the boxes, inside and outside, can choose acrylic paint color that we like, but I think in white are excellent as we see in the first picture of this article. If we paint with a spray tool will be important to cover the area with plastic to avoid staining and also must give two coats of paint wooden room dividers to get a good finish.

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