Making Fabric Awnings Window

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If your house has windows where the sun only comes into play during the hottest hours of the day you can change that. Make fabric awnings window to keep the hot sun out of your home and also helps reduce your electricity bill. Awnings also work to keep the rain on rainy days while still keeps the window open to allow fresh air into your home. Make an awning for your window only requires basic sewing skills and straight stitches. The end result is worth the effort. Measure the width of the window and how far you want the awning extending from the house.

Keep the canopy 18 inches to 24 inches long for best results. Add 8 inches in all directions to allow hemming and outgoing. Cut the fabric awnings to your measurements. Thread the sewing machine with a thread of high strength nylon. Nylon thread holds better time regular cotton yarn. Starting at the center of the fabric awnings and measure the width of the window and use chalk to mark the excess fabric.

Double fabric meets where excess width, allowing a fold 3 inches on each side and sew a seam from the front of the awning to the back to form the cantilever flap rod and housing. Leave an opening to slide in the metal poles on the sides of the sheets. Repeat steps 5 to form wrappers bar front and rear. Install the awning hardware home to the sides of the window. Use this measurement to set the eyelets of the two rear corners of the awning.

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