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Making Solar Outdoor Lighting

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Amazing Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar outdoor lighting save energy and lower your electricity costs through solar powered batteries. These lamps absorb sunlight during the day and turn on when released into dark areas. If you have a pair of old sun garden spell lights, do not throw them away. Create your own solar lights for indoor use on early winter nights or outdoors during summer barbecue evenings.
Vintage Style Solar Lanterns
Carefully take the hurricane chimney from your solar outdoor lighting. Unscrew the metal casing where the crotch is seated like a mantle under the casing. When you remove them, the even should come up as well. If there is any photogene on the weed, be careful not to drip. Empty the glass bottom of your lamp kerosene and wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Wash the hurricane smell, too. This removes dust and dirt that can prevent the paint from sticking to the glass and any scratches of photosensitive odors.
Spray-paint hurricane chimney with frosted glass spray paint. Allow the paint to dry overnight. The glaze hides the sun’s bulb and helps diffuse light. Take your garden pole’s lights apart. The plastic cover usually only snaps into place; loosen the holder and the insert from the solar outdoor lighting and the battery assembly. The battery pack should be square, press a marble-sized ball of poster sticking into each corner of the unit. Press the part above the hole in the photo light base. Place the hurricane chimney over the lamp and place the lamp in a shady place. The lamp should light just like it has a low inside.

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