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Measuring Plantation Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

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Give your sliding glass door to a whole new look by installing plantation shutters in it. Plantation shutters for sliding glass doors are operable blinds that allow you to block the sunlight. Since each sliding door is configured differently, it is important to accurately measure its doors in order to buy plantation shutters that fit. The main thing to keep in mind during its measurement is the amount of free space you need. This determines the type of track you need to buy for your plantation shutters mounting.

Measure the length of the shutters for sliding glass doors from the right edge up to the left bank, near the top. Taking this step back near the center and a third time near the bottom. Use the closest of the three measurements. Measure the height of the sliding glass door from the top all the way to the ground. Take this measurement from the left, center and right. Use the shortest of the three measurements.

Measure how far from the wall or trim the protruding door handle. This measure will be important to determine how much will be needed retreat behind the plantation shutters for sliding glass doors.

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