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Measuring The Right Kitchen Counter Height

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Kitchen Counter Height Tables

Kitchen counter height has a 36 inch as a standard or it is as 3 feet. But you should also cinsider that the 36 inch standard has include the thickness of the countertop table. Therefor it is important to make sure what materials are you going to use for your contertop and how thick it is. The standard was made with measurement, that for average people that is the most comfort height for a kitchen counter. Usually the architect or the kitchen association determine and set on the measures that involve structures and human activity. So, it’s best that we follow the standarization. Unless you want something diffrent.

For special circumstances we can forget the standarization. Perhaps you are a very tall person or on contrary a petite one, then you should have a special kitchen counter height. We should remember that the first purpose off housing is to make us comfortable. If the standard measure is uncomfortable for you, then don’t use it. because at the end of the day you are going to be the one who is unhappy with your house condition. So, make sure that you are really comfortable with all the measures in your house, not just the kitchen.

Regularly the 36 inch kitchen counter height is the normal and comfortable measure. And this measurement, I belive, has done by a research. The kitchen is the place where a lot of activity going such as for prepping the meal. And if the countertop table makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you can stand it for a day or maybe a month, but if you lived it day by day for years, those uncomfortable activities could affect your health. Usually it git to do with bones structure, back pain, and sort of things. Therefor, convenient is number one. The height should follow you and not the other way around.

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