Metal Letters For Wall Decor

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Letters and fonts have been part of the world of decoration almost since writing was invented. Egyptian hieroglyphics are a proof of this beauty and formal balance of these signs make them very aesthetic details, but in addition we must also take into account the graphics function: allow communicate messages- Metal Letters For Wall Decor

Decoration trends in recent  metal letters for wall decor times are very sensitive to this possibility, and we intend to use letters and numbers large size to decorate different .Painted wooden letters are one of the most attractive options. They can be purchased in clean wood and paint yourself, but there are also stores that sell them already completed. As in the photo, can be leveraged to communicate a loving message, but are also very good with names or initials of

Okra option letters are metal, metal letters for wall decor elegant and exclusive, which also play a role practice (for example as a bookend) by weight. And if you do not find this kind of accessories, you can do it yourself: a plate of DM of 12 mm thickness, draw and cut three times the same letter and glue to form a thicker. After sanding the edges with sandpaper and píntalaLa British firm Mirrors Made 2 Measure proposes another way to decorate walls with letters. In this case it is self-adhesive letters, type sticker to the wall. The ones I like for its originality are left as they are made from sheet glass; the rest also can do you with plastic adhesive types and patterns, marker

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metal letters for wall decor

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