Milliken Carpet Tiles Easy Installation

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Milliken Carpet Tiles – It used to be difficult to install new carpet in your home. Handling of large, heavy rolls of carpet, cutting and placing bulky material, then stretching and check it down properly was a big job. Today’s carpet tiles make the job much easier. Milliken, an American carpet manufacturer, provides glue-free carpet tiles that can be placed directly on the hard floor, from concrete to wood.
Milliken carpet tiles manufactures engineered for easy installation in your home. Each rug square has a thick, non-slip backing that eliminates the need for a traditional carpet pad. You can lay carpet tiles in a room without having to stretch or tack them to the floor. The Legato collection includes eight solid colors, four geometric patterns and four striped patterns to suit a wide range of room decors.
Instructions on Milliken carpet tiles; Measure the length and width of a room to install the carpet tiles in with a tape measure. For this example measures the room 24 feet long and 18 feet wide. Multiply the length times the width. 24 times 18 equal 432, which is the area of the room. Share of square meters of the room with 32 square meters of tiles in each a box of Milliken Legato carpet. For example, 432 divided by 32 is equal to 13.5. Round the number of boxes up to the next whole number 14. You need 14 boxes of carpet tiles to cover the floor of this particular room.

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